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Power your brand with the wave

With presence around the globe, Motix Studios crafts campaigns, platforms, messages and digital transformations for some of the most important brands on the planet. Using proprietary tools, unparalleled platform access, creativity and digital platform. intelligence, Motix Studios finds new ways for creators to distribuyte and sell their projects with builot in monetization mechanisms to help them realize maximum profit potential of their work. .

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Premium Content

Align brand message with live and on-demand arts, entertainment, sports, and growing platforms around the world. Motix Studios is partnered with creators to connect them with brands.

Impactful Experience

Bring your brand to life with immersive, full-screen video. Our ad experience captures viewer attention and drives engagement on OTT, mobile and desktop screens.

Engaged Audiences

Connect with our growing monthly active viewers who are tuning in to our dynamic content and stay engaged for an average of 60+ minutes per session and 12+ hours total per month.

Ad Experience

Motix Studios offers video advertising and monetization solutions tailored for

live streaming and video on-demand.

Building strong relationships

Ad Solutions

Custom Integrated Commercials

A custom video solution that is strategically developed to elevate a brand’s value and objectives by spotlighting it within the world of Motix Studios content eco-system. This custom co-branded execution is proven to resonate with target audiences by delivering contextually relevant creative and messaging.

Impact Spotlight

A Spotlight sponsorship gives advertisers a high-impact opportunity that enables them to amplify their messages and drive impact awareness during telecasts to give them outstanding reach to targeted audiences.

Custom Slate

Our Custom Slate leverages a brand’s existing video assets to develop a custom section slate that will run as the first video in pre-roll, priming viewers for the commercial to follow before starting their live or replay content. The video is accompanied by intro text and “presented by” voice over.

Ad Select

Ad Select allows the viewer to control their ad experience by choosing the ad they want to see. The viewer will be presented with two or three video options. Once a selection is made, the viewer will be presented with the commercial of their choice or, an ad creative will automatically play.

Interactive Interstitual

The Interactive Interstitial is a rich media unit that runs with or in place of a video commercial across devices, enabling greater interaction within the player. Examples of interactive interstitials on platforms include photo galleries, video overlay, quizzes, and polls.

Brand Select

The Branded Entertainment Selector allows the viewer to control their ad experience during video playback by choosing whether to watch a long-form commercial, or to view the show with standard commercial breaks, giving users an outstanding user experience by sponsoring a limited commercial experience.
Unparalleled Fan Connections

Connect brands to fans

  • Reach unique viewers with targeted Ads
  • Target viewers within specific markets
  • Maximize brand awareness with high-impact integrations
  • Align brands with new episodes of series, and live events.
  • Increase revenue with ad insertion

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